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FCC grade Kaolin (FCC Clay)

Kaolin or FCC clay is widely used as inert densifier for FCC catalysts and additives manufacturing. Being a mineral product, consistency of Kaolin is a major issue. Shiv HydroMet provides specialised FCC grade of  Kaolin micronised fine powder (D90: < 2 micron) with very low Titania and Iron content to prevent side reactions for FCC catalyst with consistent specifications. We also provide customisation services for Kaolin. 

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FCC grade Metakaolin

Metakaolin is produced by dehydroxylation process of Kaolin. Metakaolin is used as Y-zeolite precursor, it also can be used as an active component of FCC catalyst and bottom cracking component after post modifications. 

The surface area, stability and activity of treated metakaolin depends upon raw material and kaolin calcination parameters.  Alumina solubility, activity and surface area are greatly reduced if the parameters are out of range. Metakaolin available in the generic market have varying degree of dehydroxylation results poor performance in post modifications.

Shiv HydroMet is a leading supplier of Metakaolin to major FCC catalyst manufacturers. Shiv HydroMet Metakaolin is produced from best quality of FCC grade kaolin with low undesired impurity (titania and iron) with carefully maintaining calcination parameters to provide optimum performance. It can be easily dealuminated to provide very high surface area > 250 m2/g, pore volume > 0.2 m2/g with excellent stability and substantial Br√łnsted acidity required for bottom cracking.

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