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  • 35 Years of Expertise in Antimony Chemistry

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  • Accelerating Concept to Commercialisation Efforts ​in Catalyst Development 

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Home of Specialized Metal Oxides and Customised Catalysis

At Shiv HydroMet, we are world's leading manufacturer and star-rated export house of Speciality Metals, Metal OxidesMetal SaltsExplosive CrosslinkersPolyester CatalystsCatalyst Contract / Toll manufacturing and customised equipments for catalyst manufacturing.

We have strong satisfied customer base of several well known MNCs. With the state-of-the-art fully automated ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facilities, we are rapidly growing in the area of specialised metal oxides, catalysis and catalyst contract / toll manufacturing. With the help of in-house design engineering team, we have expertise in manufacturing of customised machines / equipments for heterogeneous catalysis R&D, pilot plant and production. 

With the backup of fully equipped R&D, quality control lab and ISO certified quality management system, we are creating world class customised inorganic chemistry in state of the art facilities at 2 different locations in Gujarat, India.    

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Antimony Chemicals

Being a market leader in antimony chemistry, we offer full range of antimony derivatives under one roof, starting from antimony based flame retardants, slurry based explosive cross-linkers, antimony based speciality chemicals and Sb based polyester catalysts. 

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Catalyst Toll Manufacturing

Have catalyst recipe, and looking for scale-up or commercial manufacturing? Our extensive scale-up know how and state-of-the art custom catalysis manufacturing facilities are ready to serve you. Click to know more, how we can leverage your catalyst development efforts.

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Antimony Metal

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of high purity antimony base metal in India.  We manufacture antimony metal from high purity antimony source resulting very low impurity profile for specialised applications.