Shiv HydroMet
  • Antimony Based Flame Retardants 
    for Polymers and Fabrics

Antimony Pentoxide Powder and Sol: SIPPA®-APO


Shiv Hydromet offers colloidal antimony pentoxide in various forms for use as synergists with halogenated flame retardants. It is specially designed for thin coatings on textiles and can be incorporated in thin fibres for non-wovens too.

We are manufacturer of aqueous colloidal sol of antimony pentoxide and spray dried nano powders.

We make Antimony Pentoxide sol with custom specifications and requirements.


Chemical name Antimony Pentoxide
 CAS no. 1314-60-9
 Physical form Powder or colloidal stable dispersion
 % Sb2O5 (as per requirement) 20%-50% (Sol), 80%- 92% (Powder)
 AppearanceMilky liquid (Sol), or white (Powder)
 % Sb 75.2 % (Anhydrous Powder), 65% (Hydrated Powder)

Antimony Pentoxide powder and sol has many advantages over conventional Antimony Trioxide.

  • Its particle size is 100 times smaller than that of Sb2O3, and its consumption is less than of Sb2O3.
  • It will not block the pore plate when used for melting spinning.
  • It will not affect the transparency of plastics that are expected to be transparent.
  • Low in refracitive index, it can improve the electrical property of potting compound.
  • Even in dispersion, strong in penetration and easy for use, it is excellent in flame retardancy.
  • Greater cost effectiveness and improved color matching in mass tone colors.
  • Translucency for applications such as coatings, films, and laminates
  • Easier handling and processing; liquid dispersions will not clog spray guns.
  • Maintenance of physical properties in thin films and fine denier fibers.


    • Packed in 50 Kg multiwall paper drum with polyethylene bag inside.
    • Net weight 50 Kg. Gross weight 53 Kg.
    • 20' maritime container load max 20 MT (Net)


    • 20 liter, 50 liter carboy.
    • 200 liter barrel.