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Our History

                Shiv HydroMet is a professionally managed company and star rated export house. In the year 1985, M/s. Shiv Industries was established as a small manufacturing facility in Rajkot for fine chemicals manufacturing. In year 2000, we have done expansion and started manufacturing of proprietary explosive cross-linkers for mining and oil well drilling. Currently Shiv Industries is holding 90% market share of antimony based explosive cross-linkers in Indian market. 

                      Also as a part of diversification of the business, promoters have started a company in 2002 named Panchnath Auto Pvt. Ltd and PAL Diesels Pvt. Ltd. with core activity of manufacturing Three Wheelers under brand name PAL.

                 In the year 2005 we have joined hands with a leading diesel engine manufacturer and started a contract manufacturing of tractors for one of the world's biggest tractor brand. Currently, 120 tractors / day are manufactured in our manufacturing facility at Rajkot, India.

                    Shiv HydroMet was established in 2015 by promoters of Shiv Industries as a part of diversification in the area of custom catalysis, hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy and minor metal chemistry.

Our Core Business

                  Hydrometallurgy and catalyst contract / toll manufacturing are core businesses of Shiv HydroMet. Our hydrometallurgy R&D team is continuously working to develop and optimize environment friendly hydrometallurgy processes to produce metals, metal oxides and salts from various raw materials. Our dedicated catalysis R&D team is also jointly working with customers in development and scale-up of heterogeneous catalytic processes to make efficient and cost-effective commercialization. At Shiv HydroMet, our vision is to become preferred market leader in contract / toll and custom catalyst manufacturing with industry leading expertise. 

               Our technology team is always ready for new challenges. With the help of state-of-the-art R&D, scale-up and manufacturing facility, Shiv HydroMet is emerged as a preferred global player in Catalyst Toll Manufacturing business, with more than 15 agreements with petroleum and petrochemicals MNCs and renowned research institutions globally for catalyst development, scale-up and commercial manufacturing.