Shiv HydroMet
  • Shiv Hydromet:
    ​Encouraging Green Chemistry for Sustainable Future

Shiv Hydromet's Commitment Towards Sustainable Future

At Shiv HydroMet, We strongly believe that sustainability contributes to healthy ecosystem and create economic value. Our Environment, Health, Safety and Quality system is specially designed to maintain corporate and community resiliency. We encourage our R&D centre  to develop Green Processes from conventional processes.

At Shiv HydroMet sustainability principles are applied through our:

  • Commercial Partners– Coordinating with customers and commercial partners to ensure sustainability principles are met throughout the product and service life cycle.
  • Emergency Response–Mitigation and response to natural and operational accidents and incidents.
  • EnvironmentalProtecting the air, water and land associated with our operations, products and facilities. Converting existing facilities to 'Zero Discharge Unit'.
  • Health and Safety Ensuring the health and safety of employees, customers and the communities from where we belongs.
  • Quality- Providing consistent and stringent product and service standards that exceeds customers requirements and sustainability.
  • Product Stewardship Ensuring the safe creation, use, impact and disposal of our products.
  • Security – Ensuring product information, customer's IP, information and processes are protected from unauthorized access.